Simplified fuel transfer


About the creators

Autofuel was founded by two Swedish petrol heads with different backgrounds. With one excelling in craftsmanship, practice and mechanics, having the skills of building and tuning cars since young ages. The other one being a theorist and racing driver who choose to study engineering. The one thing in common was the never ending interest in motorsports and innovation, building new or existing parts with different approach.
Another thing in common was the mindset of keeping things simple, and most of all affordable. Motorsport shouldn’t be hampered by the huge costs that always seems to come with it, and in the end scares away the biggest part of practitioners.
Our first commercially available product are the automatic fueling rig Autofuel Pro which are made to simplify refueling without costing a fortune. More products are on its way, closest being wireless corner weights.

About Autofuel

Autofuel Pro is our fully automatic refueling rig. It is made as simple and compact as possible, without compromosing quality. It is equipped with a quality fuel pump from Fill-Rite.
Onle solid state relays are used to prevent sparks when the pump is starting and stopping.
The Autofuel Pro can be used with up to 100kg fuel canister, and delivers fuel up to 30 L/min! The battery will last for 800liters in total and is compatible with a spark proof CTEK lead acid charger. The rig is completely dry due to its quick connectors. Depending of what fuel canister your team are using, we can custom build a dry cap in race fuel resistant nylon to be able to keep the whole system closed.

The Autofuel Pro is extremly simple to operate:
1.Place your fuel canister of any type on top of the rig
2. Power On.
3. Put the suction hose down the canister.
4. Connect the pressure hose to the fuel tank connector on your vehicle
5. Turn the knob until you reach desired amount of fuel.
6. Start refueling. The pump will stop automaticly when the desired amount is reached.
There is also a pausing function if the fuel canister becomes empty and needs to be replaced with full canister during the refueling procedure.
It is recommended to connect the included ground wire to your vehicle to make a common ground. Below are quick specs of the Autofuel Pro:

Fuel Rate: 30 liter/min
Fuel types: Petrol, Ethanol
Fill capacity per charge: 800liters
Max Load 200kg
Weight: 25kg
Dimensions: 400x400x250mm
Battery: Sealed lead acid, 12V.
Charger: CTEK Quick connector. Any lead acid 12V charger works but CTEK Spark proof chargers is recommended
Extras: Flightcase, Dry-Break connectors, Custom made fuel canister connector.



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